Clinic Tour

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Waiting Room

Exam Room 1

Exam Room 2

Exam Room 3

Treatment Area

Our treatment room is where we may take your pet to draw blood, place an IV catheter, or give a subcutaneous injections. 

Surgical Suite

Our surgery room is equipped with a CO2 laser for special procedures, and anesthetic and monitoring capabilities for two animals including blood pressure, ECG, and pulse oximetry.


Our laboratory area is used to check fecal samples for parasites and to review cytology of blood, ear discharge, and masses under the microscope.  We also have machines to perform CBCs (complete blood count), full chemistries, and other blood tests within 30 minutes for urgent cases.


We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine, so we can take images and also send them electronically for consultations when needed.

Kennel Runs for Large Dogs

Kennels for Cats

Kennel Room for Small Dogs or Cats